Our platter menu offers you the flexibility to create your own menu for your function. To align with responsible service of alcohol practices of the hotel, it is a guide that a minimum of $10.00 per person worth of food is purchased for all functions.

Choose from the following assortment

Garlic Bread (v)           32 pcs $32

Bruschetta (v)                   30 pcs $45

Sausage Rolls             30 pcs $32

Party Pies                30 pcs $32

Arancini (v)               20 pcs $40

Homemade pumpkin & cheddar cheese arancini served with a napolitana dipping sauce

Spring Rolls (v)           20 pcs $20

Served with sweet chilli sauce

Chicken &Ribs            Serves 6 $40

Southern Style Chicken Wings & Bourbon Glazed Ribs served with aioli serves 6 people

Tasting Plate (v option) $25

Includes lemon pepper squid, chorizo, olives, Danish fetta, homemade dip, balsamic, dipping sauces & toasted baguette 26

Sushi (v option)          48pcs $70

Includes vegetarian

Buffalo Chicken Drumettes       30pcs $65

Savoury Combo Platter    60 pcs $90

Includes 12 quiche lorraine, 12 vegetarian quiche, 12 spring rolls, 12 party pies & 12 sausage rolls

Sliders                   30 pcs $105

Includes chicken, beef & pork topped with lime & chilli slaw

Garden Salad       (v) (gf)                   $40

Seafood Platter           52pcs $120

Includes 12 fish tacos, 20 battered fish gougons, salt & pepper squid

Bowl of Chips with aoili          $9 each

Bowl of Sweet Potato Chips             $10 each

PIZZAS 8 pieces per pizza

Assorted flavours Hawaiian, Margarita, Pepperoni, Vegetarian or Meat Lovers